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Business Practice Improvement | Governance

Emory University’s Business Practice Improvement (BPI) initiatives will require the commitment and involvement of many individuals from the university community.  The Office of BPI oversees its initiatives, with expected involvement and ownership from leadership, business officers, administrators, faculty, and others. The structure for BPI’s governance, the steering committee, and project teams is outlined below.                                                                              

The BPI Governing Advisory Committee

BPI efforts will be governed by an advisory committee of senior-level Emory leadership.  The BPI Governing Advisory Committee will provide oversight and guidance into BPI strategy, directives, and efforts.  Moreover, this group is expected to serve as advocates for BPI initiatives within the various Emory schools and units.  This governing advisory body is expected to meet at least quarterly and not more than six times a year.  Composition is expected to include the following individuals (or appropriate proxies):BPI Gov Structure