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About Us

Business Practice Improvement (BPI) is Emory University’s consulting practice, specializing in higher education and management consulting solutions. Our office provides a collaborative, structured, transparent and data-driven approach to solving complex and ambiguous business challenges across multiple constituencies within the university.

Our solutions drive lasting change, process improvements, and innovations that result in efficient and effective business operations and facilitate Emory’s mission.

Three Areas of Focus

Business Practice Improvement has three areas of focus which guide our mission and impact as a University Consulting team: Efficiency and Effectiveness; Growth and Innovation; and Developing Rigorous Disciplined, and Analytical Business Professionals.

BPI collaborates with units to  promote efficiency and effectiveness by identifying and implementing areas for application of best practices and process improvements.

In a time of financial restriction for many universities our objective is to assist units in discovering new methods to generate growth and innovation.

The final area of focus for BPI’s efforts is developing rigorous, disciplined, and analytical business professionals. We believe that the most valuable asset of any institution is the quality of its people. BPI is committed to developing the highest quality employees across the enterprise to ensure Emory University’s continued position as one of the top research universities in the nation.

Additionally, BPI develops the highest quality staff within our office to better serve the constituents of Emory University.

Business Practice Improvement Principles

Initiatives of merit ground themselves in fundamental principles that guide decisions, frame goals, and steer actions.  Below are the principles that will guide the Business Practice Improvement (BPI) Initiative.