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BPI Scholars Programs

BPI Scholars is part of our efforts around people and resource development opportunities at Emory. Participants in each program will learn project management, tools for analytical thinking, communication techniques, and leadership skills. The programs focus on two objectives: 


BPI Scholars: For Early to Mid-Career Emory Employees

What is the BPI Scholars Program and how does it work?

BPI Scholars is a one-year professional development program in which high-performing, early and mid-career Emory staff learn and develop project management, communication, analytical, and leadership skills. Scholars are sponsored by their supervisors to apply for the program and remain in their current roles throughout its duration. Participation in the program represents an additional commitment of about 4 to 8 hours per week. During the application process, Scholars identify an opportunity for improving the operations of their current units; this improvement project is the focus of their work as a Scholar. In addition, Scholars participate in the same coursework, instruction, and speakers series provided to BPI Fellows. Click here for additional curriculum detail.

Who should apply?

Full-time Emory employees (at least two years of service preferred) interested in developing their project management and business analytics skills are encouraged to apply. Scholars must have the support and sponsorship of their supervisors, with signoff from their Department Administrator or Chief Business Offer to apply. Successful applicants will have demonstrated strong leadership potential, excellent analytical and communication skills, and a team orientation.

What is the application process?

Candidates must submit their resume and completed application; their supervisors must submit a completed sponsorship statement. All materials should be emailed to by the deadline. Application and sponsorship forms are found below. Please note, there is a unique application for each application cycle.

*** The application process for BPI Scholars  is now closed.***

Program Curriculum Components

Program Coursework

Classroom-style instruction facilitated by BPI Staff and taught by BPI and other Emory staff, faculty members, and outside consulting professionals. Each topic will be supplemented with pre-read literature and course materials. The content will cover a broad range of topics aimed at developing candidates’ project management and analytical skills and will include strategies for business practice improvement, business psychology, project management, data acquisition and analysis, finance, and communications.  Additionally, attendees will have exposure to graduate-level instruction by Emory faculty and staff.

Leadership Speakers Series 

A regular event in which a member of Emory leadership presents a particular topic of University management. These presentations will provide Scholars with an expanded view of management opportunities and challenges in higher education in areas that range from human resources to information technology to finance.

Hands-On Practice Improvement Project Work 

Scholars work on a practice improvement project they identify in their units.