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Enterprise Finance Network - Phase I

Emory leadership partnered with chief business officers and Business Practice Improvement to develop the Enterprise Finance Network (EFN). The vision for the EFN was to foster partnerships at all levels across the enterprise to improve business effectiveness.  To achieve this vision, Emory business officers, with assistance and guidance by BPI, were charged to develop project ideas, lead those projects as teams, and make recommendations on how to enhance and improve resource decision making, succession planning, and business/finance related communication and collaboration at the University. BPI provided overall project management and extensive resources for each team, including structured processes and guidelines, workplans, frameworks, templates, logistical support, thought leadership, and content development, among others. BPI drove the teams to develop project recommendations, business cases, and workplans, resulting in the successful launch of EFN operations and several ongoing initiatives aimed to improve business effectiveness across the enterprise. 

For more information on the Enterprise Finance Network, please contact Bill Dracos.