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Research Participant Payment Fund

Strategic Objectives & Scope

One of Emory University’s major functions is conducting human subject research.  To support human subject research, a program for providing cash, gift certificates, or other forms of payment to participants is required. The number of requests for participant stipend funds (also referred to as “petty cash”) is increasing both in dollars and volume. The current process is marked with a number of inefficiencies and compliance concerns.

The objective of this project was to redesign the process of distributing cash and cash equivalents to campus. The new process would meet the following criteria:

•    Increase efficiency

•    Use fewer resources and resource time

•    Allow tracking of payments

•    Meet legal, safety, and compliance concerns

•    Reduce risk

This project examined the process of distributing cash and cash equivalent stipend payments to research participants.  This project excluded stipend payments that are paid via the online payment request and distribution of cash used for purposes other than paying research participants.

For more information about the project, click here: PDF of PROJECT OVERVIEW