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Project Governance

Emory’s Business Practice improvement initiatives require the commitment and involvement of many individuals from the university community. BPI is overseen by a Governing Advisory Committee of Emory EVPs, Chair(s) of the Faculty Council, faculty members, and Dean’s representatives. Each project is led by an Executive Committee and operated by broad-reaching Working Groups. Projects seek input from campus through interviews, focus groups, surveys, sounding boards, and other methods.

BPI Project Executive Committees

The Executive Committees are composed of key leaders and faculty members, typically from key constituency groups including the sponsoring unit, that offer project oversight. Responsible for structuring the project, this group guides the process and vets decisions, helping to identify opportunities for improvement.

BPI Working Groups

The Working Groups are composed of approximately 30 members. BPI Working Groups boast a mix of staff from various units and functions, each bringing specific expertise and perspective. These members are stakeholders and promoters within their individual units. Working groups can be divided into sub-working groups and provide input to the project as needed.